Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Gift Idea

Can't go wrong with food for Father's Day. Here is a top ten list I created for my hubby and 10 coordinating candy bars for each item.
10 Things We Love About Dad…

1. You are our “lifesaver” and always there when we need you

2. You always make us feel special (Special Dark)

3. You know so much and always provide us with infinite wisdom. (Smarties)

4. You are a hard worker... and deserve a little break. (Fast Break)

5. Your “hugs” always make us feel better

6. You are always willing to “Take 5” and listen to us, with patience and love.

7. You’re fun, and happy and we love rushing to the door every day when you come home. (Jolly Rancher)

8. You can always make us “snicker” with your silly jokes.

9. Hands down, the best look’in Dad around (Big Hunk)

10. We love you to pieces and are grateful for everything you do for us! (Reese’s Pieces)

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