Sunday, October 17, 2010

Car Seat Cover Ups

I think these things have been around for a few years. I saw my first one over two years ago when I was visiting Utah. I had a friend that made them. But I noticed here in California no one had them. I think these car seat cover ups are wonderful. You know we all put the blankets over the top to keep baby asleep and its a pain to carry the seat. Now that solution is solved, plus keeps most people from touching that new baby with all the germs. So I found a pattern and made one for Melissa. Then I got requests from others to make them. The first pattern I bought was for personal use only, so I could only use it to make gifts. But, then I had some people ask me if I could make them one and they would pay me. So I found a pattern that let you sell what you made. Here is the first pattern here and then click here for the other pattern (the one you can sell what you made). I combined what I liked best about both for my own.
Here are some I have made the past couple of months as gifts.


Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...
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Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

How much do you sell them for? (Melissa's sister)