Monday, December 22, 2008

Jo Doll Pattern

I saw one of these that a friend made for her daughter and I really wanted to make one for mine. So I went here to the bitofwhimsy store on etsy and bought the pattern. The pattern is only $9 and she just emails you a pdf file. The nice thing is that they don't take much fabric and you can use your extra scraps you have laying around. I made my daughters and liked it so much I decided to make some for my nieces. If you check out her shop she has a lot of different cute patterns for other dolls too and other stuffed animals.

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Jackie Desiraye Ramos said...

I saw these a while back and have been thinking about buying the pattern. I have a 10month old godchild and know she would love to get her 'teeth' into this doll!

I love your choice of fabrics!