Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hair Clips

My daughter was born with a lot of hair and I hated covering it all with those big hairband bows (not that they aren't cute, but I liked seeing all of her hair). I had received a couple of these small bendy clippies and tried them out on her and loved them. Her hair was still too fine and soft to hold the alligator clips, but these ones worked perfect for her newborn hair. So, I decided to make some myself.
Here are some of the first ones I made. I thought they turned out good, and they look super cute in her hair.

I just picked up a few supplies from the craft store to get started. You can go to the scrapbook section and get the little flowers they have there or use the bundles of little flowers you can find at the flower section of the craft store and pull them off the stems. Then I got some sticker flower jewels from the scrapbook section, beads and I already had some buttons on hand to use to glue onto the middle of the flowers. Then I got some ribbon and of course the clips. ( I have to apologize for the following pics, my camera was not doing great at taking good pictures of these small items)

I had a hard time finding clips, I went to Target and Walmart and either they were too big or too small. But I ran into a girl that makes bows and she said she just buys hers off ebay. So I went to ebay and just put "30 mm clips" in the search section and found a lady that sold a pack of 50 for $4.99, which I thought was pretty good deal.

So then just measure and cut some ribbon that is long enough to fit around the clip.

Then hot glue the ribbon to the clips.

Then hot glue the petals to the top of the clip, I use two flowers for each clip.

Then hot glue whatever you want to use for the middle (jewel, small beads, or button) on top of the flower. And there you have it. Pretty much you can glue whatever you want to the clips bows or whatever. But they are so cute and work great for fine thin hair.

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