Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kids Command Center-Part 1 of My Laundry Room Makeover

I don't know about you, but my house was getting quite cluttered with all of my kids school stuff.  We had no official place for their backpacks so they would always just end up on the floor.  I had so many papers from school that I needed, but couldn't file away and they were just piling on my counter, on top of flyers and newsletters and homework folders.  For a long time I have been wanting to create a command center in our laundry room to organize all that stuff.  It took me a little bit to figure out just what I wanted, but then I had it all figured out in my head I just had to do it.  And that took a long time.  My husband kept telling me to stop talking about it and just do it.  So I got my self in gear, painted the room (it was a plain cream color before) and now I finally got my "Kid's Command Center" wall done!  I'm not a very organized person, but I know when I do try and organize myself my life is a lot less stressful and I think this is going to help me out a lot!  So, this is part 1 of my laundry room make-over and here it is:

I was at my friend Vanessa's house and she had the first letters of her kids names on the walls with hooks screwed into them to hold their backpacks.  I just had to do this.  She only had a single hook, but I wanted my kids to be able to hang their backpacks and jackets so I bought the two prong hooks from target.  Pretty much everything you see here is from Target except the letters.  I got the letters from Michaels (just the white ones) and painted them black, hung them on the wall and screwed the hooks in.  The storage bins are from Target, part of their "Re-do" line and were just $10 a piece.  I absolutely love the Pottery Barn organization system you can check out here and I was kind of inspired by that, but I definitely had to take the cheaper route.  I had my friend who has her own vinyl lettering business make me vinyl with all my kids names in a typewriter font.  The cork board and white calendar board were also from Target.  I'll use the bins to store each kids papers and homework folders.  The cork board will hold school newsletters and flyers and birthday invites (pretty much anything that involves the kids).  The calendar is just for events that involve the kids.  My oldest son loves this, he really likes to know whats going on and he'll just stare at the calendar and study what we have going on for the month.  Just this wall has cleared out so much clutter out of my kitchen.  It has been so nice.  I like when there is a place for everything.

So, I still have more that I want done in my laundry room, so there will be more to come.


melissa gargalis said...

that turned out really good! I love these organization centers, especially after our first year of school and having piles of papers and misplacing the ones you need...way to go!

girlofgrace said...

This is exactly what has been in my head since we've moved, but I couldn't get it together. Thank you! Yours looks wonderful!

Samuel Brubaker said...

We are looking to do something very similar. I am wondering if you could tell me if you had any problems with the door hitting the wall or knocking anything off the wall?