Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Headbands Made with Tights

1 Pair of little girls tights (18-24 months is a good size... I get mine in a three pack from Walmart in the infants dept.)
Hot Glue Gun (low heat is best)
Satin Ribbon (at least 3in. for each headband)
Silk flower
Small rhinestone
Alligator clip and grosgrain ribbon to cover it (Optional)
1. Cut off legs
2. Fold each end acordian style to make an "M," then put a dot of glue in each fold to secure.3. Bring ends together and secure with glue.4. Wrap ribbon around to completely cover the edges and run a line of glue along one end of the ribbon, place the other end of ribbon down and hold until cool.

5. Flip headband out6. Take silk flower apart and remove any plastic pieces. Reconsturct, with a circle of hot glue between each layer. Then glue the rhinestone in the center.
7. You can glue the flower directly onto the headband, or if you want your flowers and headbands interchangable, you can glue the flower onto a prepared alligator clip.


Anderson Family said...

Thank you so much, it's not too late. I am looking forward to putting some together :)

Kari said...

Thank you for your very clear instructions with the pictures. I'm excited to make this headband. :)

Tarrah said...

You have such an amazing talent! I love the bows. I had a couple questions that hopefully you will be able to answer. #1-Where do you get your flowers at? #2-I was looking at your blog and during Christmas Lyric is wearing a headband that looks like some type of net. What is that and where can I find that material? Thanks so so much!

Melissa said...

My flowers come from various places: Walmart, Michaels's, Joann's, even the dollar store. I got the crocheted headband from a ribbon store in Mesa, AZ called Ruffler's Roost. (They also carry flowers)

Tarrah said...

I made my first headband today! Thanks for the directions. It was so easy and took a few minutes to complete. Also, I looked up Ruffler's Roost and couldn't find any info about them. Do they have a website that you can purchase the ribbon from? Thanks again!

Tarrah said...

Melissa, I just reread your post and realized that I misread what you were saying. You didn't make the headband, you purchased it already made. Correct?

Emma Hardeman said...

Thank you so much for posting the step by step directions. I am excited to start making some for my nieces! I saw you usually get your flowers from you just buythe ones on the stems and take the stems off? I was looking around there last night and was curious.

Amanda said...

This looks really cute! I'm going to try one for my baby for Christmas. Thanks for posting!

BKB said...

I love the white flower on the little at the top of the page, what kind of flower is it? Thank you!