Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simple Girlie Tank

1. Cut fabric from pattern shown above. If you are unsure of the size to make it, find a similar existing top, fold it in half then create your pattern.
2. Sew side seams together.
3. Starting at shoulder, finish the arm hole sides, press 1/4 inch,then sew until you reach other open end of shoulder, then press over 1/4 inch again and sew again.
4. Make ribbon casing along the neckline by sewing 1/4 inch, press then stitch at 1 inch.
5. Using safety pin slip ribbon through casings tie at one end.
6. Fray check ends of ribbons.
7. Hem Bottom.


Niki McDowell said...

We're going to have to get together and make more, I want to make one for Mckynlee, I think it would be cut even to wear over a longsleeve white shirt for the cooler weather.

Jared and Jenny said...

What? Are you kidding me? How do you have time to be SO COOL??? Thanks for sharing your pattern! I'm way excited about this blog. Can't wait to copy!!! :0)

Jolley's said...

Okay, so I've been wanting to make this ever since I first saw it and I FINALLY made it to the fabric store. Thanks so much for the great idea! And by the way, I seriously LOVE this blog, it always has such cute ideas!